Admission to Shipston High School September 2018

Thursday 1st March is the day that parents across the country learn which secondary school has been allocated to their child for September 2018.
Shipston High School is fully subscribed, with a waiting list, for the academic year starting in September 2018 and parents are advised to ensure that they accept the place offered here as soon as possible and definitely by the deadline of 15th March.
If your child has been placed on the waiting list for our school, please be aware that during the next few weeks the situation can, and does, change. For clarification, reallocation of places that have been declined from the first offer round on 1st March starts on 19th March. This can have a significant effect on our waiting list as re-offers are then made to parents who placed our school as a higher priority than the school that they have been allocated. This applies even if they have already accepted a place at a lower priority school.
If parents need any further help or advice on the allocation of places, the waiting list situation or the Warwickshire Local Authority Appeals process please contact Mrs Alison Punt, Headteacher’s Secretary on or telephone 01608 661833 who will be happy to give you any further information.