Calais Youth Refugee Centre

Head of Religion, Ethics and Philosophy Ms Jordan Whitworth recently visited a Youth Refugee Centre in Calais and gives her account of her experience:

Over the weekend of 17th November a friend and I headed down to Calais to work with the Refugee Youth Centre.  We delivered a truckload (literally!) of donations to the Help Refugees Warehouse and helped out there for the day, helping them prepare the 2000+ meals they deliver every day before then helping sort the donations in the warehouse.  I took with me the post cards that Shipston High School students had written to let the children there know that people were thinking of them, another show of how caring and wonderful the students at Shipston High are. On the Sunday we delivered some youth work in Calais.  I worked with a number of unaccompanied young people, teaching them English at the side of a car park. The people I met there were truly incredible and had a resilience I didn’t think was even possible. The volunteers too were incredible people who will be giving up their Christmas to be with the unaccompanied children who are still having to live on the street. We will be sending hampers to the volunteers as a thank you for all that they do, so if you have anything you would like to donate e.g hot chocolate sachets, nice toiletries etc. please get in contact with Ms Whitworth: