Pi Poetry Competition

The Pi Poetry challenge is an annual event at Shipston High where we throw down the literary gauntlet to our students to use their super linguistic and poetic skills to write a Pi Poem. The challenge is to write a poem using the first forty digits of Pi with each word of the poem having the equivalent number of letters as the digit. Quite a challenge but to the great credit of the students they were, as usual, up to the task and took on the Challenge.
This year’s theme was a secret …. well, not really but it was all about ‘hidden identity’. We received a wide range of wonderful writing penned by our very creative Year 7 students. Topics as diverse as animals, film stars and sporting celebrities arrived in the entrance box. Finally, after thoughtful deliberation the judges awarded 1st prize to Layla McCarthy for her fantastic poem which, in keeping with our theme even had a hidden title!