Royal Shakespeare Company Playmaking Festival

Shipston High School Drama Department was delighted to celebrate its interpretation of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ by performing at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Playmaking Festival held at ‘The Other Place’ in Stratford upon Avon on 6th July 2017. Actors from Years 8 and 9 at the school re-imagined the play for the festival with a contemporary interpretation that explored the politics and rhetoric of the play – posing the question as to who is most fit to rule the island after Prospero’s departure – Caliban, Miranda or Ariel.

With each of the ‘candidates’ having the chance to deliver their manifesto pledges and exploring each character’s back story, the audience had the opportunity to vote (live) and the cast responded to the vote accordingly – meaning that the cast had to rehearse three possible endings!

Playing to a full house, the cast explored through text, rap, chant and song, the text of the play against the current political landscape.

We are very grateful to the Royal Shakespeare Company for extending us an invitation to perform at this prestigious event and for giving our students this amazing opportunity.